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Rogue’s exclusive Warrior Package turns any ordinary gym into a fully functional CrossFit™ Box. Whether you’re expanding a facility or just training out of your garage, this is the easy way to get the equipment you need to perform virtually any WOD. From Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting to kettlebell work, rowing, rope climbs, rings, slam balls, and more, the Warrior Package covers all the bases. By ordering as a package, you also save on shipping and take the stress out of setting up your training space.

The Standard Warrior CrossFit™ Package Includes:

(1) Concept 2 Rower – Model D w/ PM5 Monitor
Easy assembly and storage, includes flywheel design for minimal noise, adjustable foot rests, and monitor that tracks speed, distance, pace, watts, and calories burned.

(1) 150KG Rogue HG 2.0 KG Bumper Set
Quality dead bounce plates, battled tested at the CrossFit™ Games. Includes (2) 5KG, (2) 10KG, (2) 15KG, (2) 20KG plates, and (2) 25KG plates as well as (2) 1.25KG and (2) 2.5KG bonus plates.

(1) Rogue Ohio Bar
American-made, 190 PSI steel bar with dual knurl marks. Guaranteed for life against bending or breaking.

(5) Rogue Kettlebells
Cast in single, solid pieces with wide, flat machined bases and color coded handles. Set includes (2) 35LB (16KG) / 1 pood, (2) 53LB (24KG) / 1.5 pood, and (1) 70LB (32KG) / 2 pood.

(1) Set of Rogue HG Collars
Feature a patented locking mechanism for secure hold and easy use.

(1) Set of Rogue Wood Rings
American-made gymnastic rings offer firm grip with or without chalk.

Rogue Formed Parallette Set
11-gauge steel construction can support any bodyweight without shifting under pressure.

(1) Rogue Medicine Ball
One highly durable, 14” diameter ball, made in the USA. Use the dropdown menu to select your preferred weight (4LB-20LB available).

(1) Rogue Echo Slam Ball
Rogue Echo Slam Ball—specifically designed and battle-tested to absorb the worst abuse and come back for more. Use the dropdown menu to select your preferred weight (10LB-50LB available).

(1) 20'x1.5" Climbing Rope with Eyelet
Durable manila. No bracket required.

(1) Rogue SR-3 Speed Rope
Bushing design with 6” rotating handles for sure grip.

(1) AB-2 Abmat
Comfortable support mat for crunches and other abdominal workouts.


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