VW Golf GTI Edition 30

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Time flies when you’re having fun – just ask any owner of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Launched in 1977, the original model brought more than just performance motoring to the masses; it gave birth to the hot hatch scene as we know it.

The GTI celebrated its 30th birthday. And to get the party started, the top brass at Volkswagen asked the engineering department to come up with something special. 

It’s well-known that the standard Golf GTI offers a stunning drive, but the added 30bhp punch delivered by the Edition 30 version adds a satisfying extra dimension to the performance.

In any gear, acceleration is impressive, delivered with just the right balance of engine and exhaust noise, and there’s a precision to the dynamics that brings a real smile to your face. Nor is it achieved at the expense of ride quality: the Edition 30 blends tremendous surface feedback with a smooth ride that belies the sportiness of the suspension set-up and the larger 18-inch alloy wheels.

Yet despite all the performance you could realistically want, there’s no nervousness round town and progressive, powerful brakes that inspire real confidence. It’s all achieved without the need for complex electronic aids, air suspension or adaptive ride – just good old engineering and chassis set-up know-how.

What's more, this engine is actually out of the Audi S3 and is renowned for its tune-ability. 


1 in 995 chance of winning.